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Nosis | What is Nosis Explorer?
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Nosis | What is Nosis Explorer?
Nosis | What is Nosis Explorer?
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Nosis Explorer is a support tool for foreign trade. Just in a few steps you can generate reports with charts and tables in formats ready to be used in presentations. It contains information about import and export operations from 243 countries. It contains the US import bills of lading including the pertinent detail of the goods being traded in order to know who the American importers and the world's leading suppliers are. It also provides the names of Chinese importers and exporters with their contact data and detail of foreign trade. Thanks to this research tool, you can improve your business opportunities to diversify your markets and find new clients and suppliers.


Novedad Nosis Explorer

Ya tenemos el nombre del importador y el detalle de los despachos de importación de Argentina.

A partir del 2019, la Aduana reanudó la difusión de toda la información completa y detallada de las importaciones argentinas con el nombre del Importador, publicando la información desde octubre del 2018.

Desde el 2008 la Aduana había dejado de informar el Nombre y el CUIT del Importador, imposibilitando su identificación. Además, desde el 2017 la Aduana había suspendido la difusión de los niveles de importación de productos.

Beneficios de Nosis Explorer

Find all US importers

Find the detailed information about the US import waybill. It contains importer's name and contact data, the accurate description of the goods and the global exporter's data.

Find exporters worldwide offering goods to the US

Diversify your sources of supply by resorting to worldwide exporters who, due to the quality of their products, level of prices and performance, are eligible to offer their goods on the US market.

Locate Chinese exporters

Get in touch with Chinese exporters who show a good level of performance and continuity in the activity.

Locate Chinese importers

Get in touch with Chinese importers who ensure business continuity and, due to the information collected about the goods they import, amounts, prices and countries of origin, may become potential clients of your company.

Total imports and exports worldwide

Nosis Explorer has information about the imports and exports from 243 countries, so it can make searches by country. Moreover, it allows you to make searches on the total imports and exports of the world.

Analyze the business activity of more than 25 million companies around the world.

Make researches into the business activity of competitors

Learn about your competitors' sources of supply and the international markets where they place their products.

Protect against the import of competing products

It enables you to early detect the import of goods competing with those traded by your company. You will be able to detect dumping operations, provision of products in unreasonable amounts and other actions that may affect your business.

Obtain the business reports of Argentine importers and exporters

Nosis Explorer will let you get for free the business background reports of Argentine importers and exporters.

"Express Report"

Prepare preconfigured search-oriented reports containing charts and tables in just a few steps.

Contact companies of you interest with the feature "Prospects"

Get email addresses and phone numbers. Moreover, Nosis Explorer provides an automatic system for sending one or multiple emails.

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Nosis | Explorer, características del servicio

The system allows you to make searches with filters applied to each information field provided by the customs of each country. Searches can be made by brand or model, tariff position, origin or destination, ports, importer or exporter, among  others.

  • Statistics on imports and exports of each of the 243 countries.
  • Global statistics on global imports and exports.
  • Export to Excel.
  • Translation into 6 languages: Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, Italian and German.
  • Sending of emails.
Nosis | Explorer, características del servicio
US import manifest

Official information on the US import bill of lading including global importer's and exporter's name.

List of examples of US import
bill of lading in Excel:
Nosis | Explorer, listados origen Argentina Nosis - Segmentación, investigue mercados target Nosis | Explorer, listados origen Italia Nosis | Manager, informes comerciales
Nosis | Explorer, despachos de importación y exportación
Import and export customs clearance

Full customs clearance from China, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru and Uruguay:

  • Importer/Exporter
  • Tariff position
  • FOB price
  • Volume
  • Country of origin /destination
  • Customs
  • Port of origin / destination
  • Taxes
  • Clearance number
Imports and Exports
Import and export operations of 243 countries.
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