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Nosis | SAC, Criterios de Búsqueda
Nosis | SAC
Nosis | SAC
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Nosis | SAC, historial crediticio
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Nosis Sac es nuestra herramienta tradicional para la gestión del crédito y la reducción del riesgo. Sus informes de fácil y rápida interpretación contienen información de múltiples fuentes públicas y propias.


Benefits and features

Nosis | SAC, fuentes de Información
  • Demographic Data.

  • Bank indebtedness and compliance qualification

    of the last 2 years.
  • Score de riesgo crediticio:

    resume en un único valor (de 1 a 999) toda la información crediticia indicando la probabilidad de que incurra en mora en los próximos 12 meses.
  • Socio-Economic Status:

    Estimation of the monthly income of individuals (self-employed persons, individual tax payers, employees, retired people and non-registered individuals) in order to evaluate their repayment capacity.
  • Estimated Turnover:

    Estimation of the annual turnover of companies to help set the amount of credit to be given.
  • Monthly commitments:

    Monthly advances committed by individuals and companies to handle debts in the financial system.
  • Acceptance Criteria:

    These criteria allow you to unify and automate your decision-making rules by configuring approval parameters in a simple form, in order to speed up the process of approval or rejection.
  • Reorganization and bankruptcy proceedings

    and their different instances.
  • Compliance with social security, tax and occupational-risk obligations.

  • Commercial litigations

    representing both plaintiffs and defendants.
  • Commercial references

    of non-bank institutions (retail companies, telephone and cable companies, credit cards, etc.) that inform the level of compliance of debtors.
  • Verification of the employment relation.

  • Bounced checks

    , their eventual recovery and failure to pay fines.
  • Positive checks:

    It is a base formed by the daily contribution of our clients with 16,000,000 checks corresponding to more than 5,000,000 checking accounts. They show the way in which drawers are financed by the issuance of deferred checks. It allows you to know the amounts issued, the period of deferral, the checks already canceled and those that are about to become due, the identification of the checking account number and the branch of the bank drawing the check specifying its domicile and phone numbers for reference purposes.
  • Compliance with social security contributions

    of employers and employees during the last 12 months.
  • Credit-related activity according to the number of queries

    received within one month.
  • Balance Sheets of Companies:

    It contains 35,000 balance sheets in PDF format and their turnover with economic and financial ratios.
  • Grain traders.

  • Trademarks.

  • Foreign trade activity:

    Amount of imports and exports made.
  • Corporate legal notices:

    Legal notices issued by the official gazettes of the Argentine Republic and all the provinces of the territory are daily added. They inform about incorporations, change of authorities, transfer of goodwills, among others.
  • Public bids awarded to the individual or company searched.

  • Daily monitoring

    of people and companies of your interest.
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