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Identify your competitors and analyze the goods they trade in detail. Similarly, discover your competitors' suppliers. Find new clients, suppliers and potential markets to develop your businesses worldwide.


Beneficios de Nosis Leads

Nosis | Leads, oportunidades comerciales

Discover commercial opportunities by investigating the details of each transaction between an exporter and an importer.

Apart from the corresponding tariff position, Nosis Leads shows a detailed description of the goods included in the bills of lading (for instance winery, brand, vine, crop, bottle size, volume, packing, port of origin and destination, among others, in case the good transported is wine).

Nosis | Analice su posición frente a sus clientes

Analyze your position in relation to clients by getting informed about the goods they acquire from competitors.

Nosis | Leads, gráfico de competidores

Overtake your competitors with information about competitors' clients and goods acquired.

Nosis | Leads, Benefits
Nosis | Leads, características del servicio

Powerful research engine with innovative features about 14,000,000
business opportunities

Nosis | Leads

View of Relations in Graphs:

  • Between an exporter, his or her clients, clients' suppliers and exporters' potential clients.
  • Between an importer, his or her suppliers, suppliers' clients and importers' potential suppliers.
Nosis | Detail of manifests comprising business opportunities

Filter Application

Exporter, importer, country of origin, country of destination, tariff position, category, product, port of origin and port of destination. It allows you to make free-text searches about the detailed description of the goods.

Nosis | Detail of manifests comprising business opportunities

Detail of manifests comprising business opportunities

Manifest No., containers, ports of origin and destination, carrier, dates, description of goods, seals code and container data.

Nosis | Leads, herramientas de visualización y exportación

Visualization and Export Tools

  • Graphs of Exporter-Importer Relations.
  • Print.
  • Download to an Excel file.
Nosis | Manifiestos de Importación de Estados Unidos

The US import manifests including the identification and contact data of US importers and exporters of the world.

Nosis | Despachos de importación y exportación de Colombia

Import and export customs clearance from Colombia including the detail of Colombian importers and exporters, global clients and suppliers.

Nosis | Datos de contacto de los importadores y exportadores de China

Contact data of Chinese importers and exporters including the detail of the goods being traded.

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Get to know your competitors and the clients of your competitors across the world.

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