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Request of information on your Personal Data in Nosis' databases (Act No. 25.326, section 14).

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Applicant's Information
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(*) Mandatory Fields. At least one phone number (landline or mobile) must be entered.
Important: Sign, print and send this request together with the attached documentation.


To obtain information about your personal data, you may submit the request by e-mail, post or in person at Nosis offices.

By E-mail:
Send us an e-mail to

By post:
San Martín 365, (C1004AAG)
Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires. Argentina

In person:
Send the request to NOSIS domicile located in San Martín 365, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Mondays through Fridays, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m..

In any case, please attach the application form signed and confirm your identity with a copy of your ID card number (both sides).

The report with your personal data will be sent within the legal term of ten days to the e-mail address provided by you to receive Nosis response (National Constitution, section 43, Act No. 25.326, section 14, and its related regulations).


Proof of Identity:
In all cases, you must duly prove your identity by providing your personal documentation and attaching a copy of your ID card number, in order to comply with the obligations imposed by law regarding proof of identity and to enable Nosis' response.

Regarding requests for information about legal entities (companies), you must also provide a copy of the documentation that certifies your capacity as representative (meeting minutes, power of attorney, etc.)

Rights and Statements

Act No. 25.326, section 14
1. The owner of data, having already proved his/her identity, is entitled to request and obtain information about his/her personal data included in public or private databases used to provide reports. 2. The person in charge or user must provide the requested information within ten running days as from duly notice. Upon expiration of the term without such request being answered, or if the report is deemed insufficient, the proceeding to protect personal data or the habeas data action set forth herein must be started. 3. The right of access mentioned in this Section may only be exercised free of charge at intervals no shorter than six months, unless a legitimate interest to do otherwise is shown. 4. In the event of deceased persons, successors must be entitled to exercise the right mentioned herein."

The personal data entered by owner in this form is necessary to comply with the request and is collected only to such ends; therefore, it must be accurate and complete. Your personal data is stored in the databases of Nosis Laboratorio de Investigación y Desarrollo S.A. located in San Martín 365 (C1004AAG), City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. For further questions, contact Nosis' Right of Access department (“Derecho de Acceso”) at:

The personal data owner is entitled to exercise the right of access to such data free of charge at intervals no shorter than six months, unless a legitimate interest to do otherwise is shown, pursuant to the provisions set forth in Act No. 25.326, section 14, subsection 3. The National Department for the Protection of Personal Data, Controlling Body sustained by Act No. 25.326, has the power to handle any complaints and reports related to the compliance with the rules on the protection of personal data.

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